A Brief Guide to Free-to-Play Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports have become extremely popular over the last several years. While many people enjoy the potential to win big with this hobby, others simply want to enjoy fantasy sports without worrying about money. There are countless ways to play fantasy sports, but the first decision you’ll need to make when you decide to try it is whether you want to compete for money – or just play for fun.


Things You Should Know About Free-to-Play Fantasy Sports

Pay-to-play fantasy sports can be fun and exciting for many people, but others don’t want to worry about potentially wasting money and just want a fun hobby to enjoy during the sports season. Winning in fantasy sports requires a great deal of research, skill, and no small amount of luck. When you pay entry fees for league play, you run the risk of losing money in the event of player injury, suspension, or a huge upset in the regular season.

Risk-Free Fun
Free-to-play fantasy sports have zero risks. There’s no money involved, so all you need to spend is as much time as you’re willing to devote to fantasy sports. Many people create fantasy leagues with friends, family, and coworkers for some lighthearted competition throughout the real sports season. While some groups may want to spice things up by paying into a pool for the winner of a league, the major appeal of forming a league with your friends and family is to add an extra layer to the great conversations you have throughout the sports season.


Root Against Your Favorite Teams!
Fantasy sports also have a unique ability to get people to sometimes root against their favorite teams. Many fantasy players enjoy picking their favorite players from their favorite teams for their fantasy lineups, but these selections don’t often result in wins. Your fantasy team’s star player may be in your favorite team’s rival organization, and even though your real favorite team wins, your fantasy team suffers. Adding money to the mix can sometimes add insult to injury and add an extra layer of disappointment. When you play on a free-to-play operator like Bantasy, you get to enjoy the thrill of victory – and the sting of defeat isn’t quite so harsh when your wallet is spared.
All in all, how you choose to play fantasy sports is entirely up to you. If you’re considering pay-to-play fantasy for a chance to win big in prize pools, you’ll also need to take your state laws into consideration. Betting on fantasy sports is still illegal in several states. The pay-to-play structure has faced no small amount of scrutiny over the years. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy fantasy sports wherever you happen to live, you can play for free with Bantasy.

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