Not Everything. The Only Thing.

Winning, that is, according to Red Sanders and later, Vince Lombardi.

Rocket Science Lesson Number 1: If you accumulate the most points, you win!  Check out the Weekly Social Leader Board to see where you rank among your peers.

Real-time Coverage? Yes and No…but soon just “yes.”

The update:Yes! Thanks to your patronage, we have real-time coverage for football/soccer so far. We don’t want you to have to wait until the end of the match for results, but real-time coverage is a pricey enterprise for a small startup like us, and each sport is a separate investment. Think of it as a dessert platter where each dessert is a whole pie. Take your time and savor the richness of soccer à la mode. Your other favorites are coming up next! Thanks for your patience, and remember to brush your teeth.

Sign up free. Play for Fun.

Free to Sign Up? Free to Play? What’s the Catch?

Short answer: There is no catch.  Long answer: If you believe that time is money, we’re certainly not charging you for it.  In fact, time is what we’re saving you with our easy-to-navigate platform, quick results turnaround, and device accessibility options.  All you need to play Bantasy are good skills, a good strategy and an appetite for fun and competition.  Sign up is free, and you win Bantasy Chips here, not real money.

Creating Your Own Contest

So you like things your way, do you?  Well, so do we!  In every Peer Contest, there’s plenty of action and excitement, but creating your own contest adds a new dimension of thrill to share publicly and with your friends.  Even take turns with your friends creating your own contests, and compare weekly winnings among yourselves.

Drafting a Team

What’s better than 50 grand (besides more than 50 grand)?  Getting to spend it all at once!  It’s a level playing field until you select the line-up for your dream team, and $50,000 is your spending cap to fill all the position slots.  This is the kick-off to your strategy, and you’ll choose from among your favorite NFL players. Complete this step, and you’re ready to play.  Be sure to make any last minute changes to your player roster before the game begins.

Picking a Contest

At Bantasy, we believe there’s a direct correlation between creativity and passion. If you create a contest, it’s part of you, and you’ll do everything you can to win it. But creativity is a fickle mistress, so you can always choose from your Peer Contests and still beat the pants off of those guys. Of course, all contests are free to create or enter.  The more daily contests you enter, the higher your chances of winning are.  REMINDER: You love winning!