A Guide to Free-to-Play Fantasy Football Drafting

Football season has begun and so have fantasy drafts. While you may be late to the party for seasonal play, there are still numerous places to play daily fantasy football for free. Bantasy offers football fans a fantastic, easy-to-use platform for fantasy football – but it’s good to have an idea about what you’re getting into before you make your first picks.

You may not be playing for real money on Bantasy, but most people prefer winning to losing. We’ve compiled a short list of tips for a successful fantasy football season.

3 Tips for Drafting Your Free-to-Play Fantasy Football Team


  1. Do Your Homework: Football doesn’t end after the playoffs and Super Bowl. Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest developments with players, teams, and drafts. Even if you want a more laid-back fantasy experience, take time to carefully research who your best picks will be this year. Keep yourself informed about major developments, including how players who were injured during the previous season are recovering. Most players coming off an injury want to hit the field with gusto, so keep that in mind. A freshly recovered player may seem like a shaky choice, but you definitely need to keep the competitive spirit in mind when you draft your fantasy lineup.
  2. Season vs. Daily Play: Season-long fantasy football requires a great deal of time investment, and you’ll need to carefully track the members of your fantasy lineup throughout their regular season games. When you opt for daily play, there are fewer risks of your lineup crashing and burning due to a single injury, but play is much more fast-paced and skill-based. Retain that same vigilance so you know who the solid picks are each day. Additionally, choose the type of daily leagues you want to join. Would you prefer a less-risky head to head match against just one other fantasy manager, or do you prefer more of a sure thing, such as a 50/50 bracket?One advantage to using the Bantasy app is that you can create your own league with its own timeframe and rules. Invite your friends to join a custom league on Bantasy and play however you like.
  3. Don’t Draft From the Heart: Many new fantasy football players want to pick players from their home team and will avoid players from rival teams. You need to change your focus and be more calculated and less emotional when it comes to fantasy football. While you may very well build a fantastically successful lineup with picks from your favorite teams, the likelihood securing all your first-choice picks is slim if you play in a league – especially season-long leagues.Keep these tips in mind and you’re sure to have a fun fantasy football season on Bantasy!



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