Drafting: How Do I Fill Out my Fantasy Roster?

After joining a fantasy league, every member must go through a draft process where each new owner compiles his or her fantasy team. Though an exciting part of the game, new players sometimes struggle with this. There are varying processes and different things to keep in mind.

Learn How Drafting Works

The kind of draft depends on whether you are playing a regular league game or a salary cap game. When working with a salary cap, each owner can choose any players he or she wants.  However, each owner begins a draft with the same hypothetical salary budget. Different players cost varying amounts, and the whole team must come in under the total budget. So you have to base your strategy around combining expensive star players and inexpensive lesser-known team members.

In regular league drafting, there are two primary subcategories. The first is automated online systems, which randomize the order in which owners get to choose players. Each person picks one player at a time. Once everyone else has made his or her first pick, it comes back to the first owner again. This continues until each team is fully loaded.

Alternatively, it is common in many live leagues to use a “snake draft.” These generally begins with the commissioner choosing the owners’ names out of a hat to determine an order. Each person, in that order, picks one fantasy player. Once they reach the end of the list, they reverse the order. So if the first round moved from owners one through 10, the second round begins at 10 and moves back through one. This continues until everyone has enough players. Leagues generally assign one or two people to record everyone’s draft pics. This prevents arguments down the road.

Now that you know how the draft works, let’s examine each sport individually. Knowing exactly how many players of each position are required will help you jumpstart the process.

Football Drafting

When fantasy football draft day arrives, each owner lines up to choose between 15 and 18 players. Everyone is entitled to divide these players among positions as they see fit. However, a standard key is:

  • Two quarterbacks
  • Four wide receivers
  • Four running backs
  • Two kickers
  • Two tight ends
  • Two defense players

Consider sticking with this suggested arrangement as you start. It will help keep you on the right track. Though many people are inclined to start by nailing down a quarterback, the pros suggest grabbing two running backs at the start of the draft.


Get Your Soccer Team Up and Running

Fantasy soccer works a bit differently than football. Every owner must leave the draft with the same number of players for each position, with 18 team members. The breakdown is:

  • Two goalkeepers
  • Six defenders
  • Six midfielders
  • Four forwards

Most fantasy soccer players begin by snagging a powerful striker and build from there. Remember that you may not get your first picks in any of these games. Always come prepared with an ideal team, plus a plan B, C, and D.

Take a Swing at Your Baseball Draft

Baseball drafts are interesting because they break down into two primary player categories – pitchers and batters. Every fantasy team must have 25 players, 22 of whom are in active slots. These are composed of:

  • Thirteen batters
  • Nine pitchers

Each team owner also chooses three players for bench slots and one for the disabled list. Many experienced players recommend beginning with a strong hitter, followed by a great pitcher. Depending on who you are able to grab, build from there.

Let Someone Help You

New owners may appreciate a system that provides prompts and updates to keep them on track. It can be difficult to compare stats, salaries, and cap information when you are still getting your bearings. The Bantasy app provides a great platform for players who would like some gentle assistance. You still get to make all your own picks. However, you do get reminders to diversify your team, player statistics, and salary info. It also keeps a tally of how close you are getting to your salary cap. This platform provides all the fun of the draft process, without the anxiety.
Whichever fantasy sport you choose, you now have a bit of insight into what draft day will bring. Remember to come prepared with multiple plans. Best of luck to you this season!

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