How to Play Risk-Free Fantasy Sports

The current face of fantasy sports may surprise you. It is not restricted to fanatical college-age males. In fact, 34 percent of all players are female, and the average participant age is 38. With a variety of platforms, players, and league types, there is a form of fantasy sports to suit any personality. However, many people are still nervous about joining. Let’s explore common concerns and options that address them.

It Seems Like a Huge Commitment

If fantasy sports feel like an overwhelming commitment, you may be thinking of season-long leagues. In these extended games, you draft all players at the start of a season. You must then set your lineup for each game. Some people take great joy in doing this. For others, the weekly commitment is too much.

Daily games are a great alternative. You can join any time you like and pick the games that interest you, alleviating concerns about the game occupying your entire season. Additionally, daily games allow changes in your draft picks each week. Many people take comfort knowing that they are not stuck with one set of players for an extended period.

If you are concerned about winding up with players you do not, with daily games, you can draft any player you wish. Start with a fantasy budget, and use it to acquire players. Part of the skill here is using your resources wisely. In season-long games, a snake draft is often used. Since no two people in the same league can draft the same players, this can result in your favorites being taken before your turn.


Are You Afraid of Losing Money? Low-Risk and Great Fun: Bantasy

If you are thinking, “Daily games sounds great, but don’t they cost money?” there is an alternative. Yes, in many cases, daily games do require a buy-in. This money goes into a pot that is distributed to the winners each week. If you want to avoid the risk involved in putting money on the line, app-based fantasy sports game Bantasy is a great option.

This platform has all the elements you want in a daily game – salaries rather than a snake draft, short time commitments, up-to-date stats, and leaderboards, and the whole game is free. You are not gambling real money and do not contribute a buy-in. This is the perfect combination of benefits with no risk for anyone concerned about gambling or losing cash.


Are You Looking for Engagement Without Intimidation?

Many people feel nervous joining leagues when they do not know anyone. With many misrepresentations about the fantasy sports culture floating around, it is easy for people to fear not fitting in. However, people from every corner of the globe and walk of life are joining this movement. It’s a great time to jump in. If you are not into large groups of people you do not know, that is okay. Most fantasy leagues are online now.

Of course, some people think that if it is all web-based, there will not be enough engagement. The ability to play with friends, compare stats, and chat are important to many. The Bantasy team has put together all these things in one platform. Find friends and even create your own competitions for them. Without having to navigate giant, highly competitive sites, this app provides all the fun features you want in a daily game platform.


Do You Want to Get Started?

Daily fantasy sports games are getting extensive media coverage, driven by a high-risk high-reward structure. Bantasy provides an outlet for enthusiasts that cannot abide that intense mentality.

The Bantasy app is available in the app store. Once downloaded, it will guide you through the process to find your friends. When you register, your account is credited with 1 million chips, which you use in place of money to play. By winning competitions, you accumulate more chips. They are distributed over time, so do not fret if you hit a losing streak.

The dashboard displays all the active contests available for joining. If none of them suit you, simply create your own by clicking “My Competitions.” Once you have selected a competition, the app will guide you through the drafting process. After the game, check the leaderboard to see where you stand.

Fantasy sports represent a fun and engaging pastime. It is great to have an option that promotes all of the fun with none of the risk or anxiety. So throw away your fears and give fantasy sports a try!

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