Three Social Benefits of Playing Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports players can all attest to the game being fun and interesting. However, many people do not know about the benefits this outlet can bring to their lives. Employers, analysts, and schools are beginning to take notice. It turns out that fantasy sports are good for your mind, your social life, and your business.

Game Learning

In 2009, the University of Mississippi conducted a study using fantasy sports to teach math. The research results were astounding. Seventy-five percent of teacher participants reported children better understood math concepts presented in this format. Ninety-two percent agreed that this was an easy program to implement. The study further showed that kids were more excited to learn, spent more time outside of class working, and grew more interested in math.

Though it may seem odd to imagine kids playing fantasy sports in a classroom, it works. Beyond basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication, this game revolves around statistics and probabilities. By wrapping these concepts in an engaging package, kids are more inclined to relate to complex topics.

Teachers have begun to adopt this concept in new ways. Expanding outward from the original fantasy sports idea, some have created their own versions. They use Fantasy World to teach politics, while Fantasy History can help students understand military movements. The engagement the platform provides is carrying across subject matter and proving useful.


Bringing Fantasy Sports to the Workplace

Grownups are benefiting from fantasy sports in much the same way children are. One study showed that employees who play in fantasy sports leagues with work colleagues were 12% more engaged on the job. The reason for the increased engagement may be a shift in how employees view coworkers after playing together. The same study asked employees to rate the level of trust and sense of teamwork they feel at work. Those who participated in fantasy sports rated their workplace much higher than those who did not.

The esteem and sense of community fantasy sports provides causes employees to feel more engaged in their company. The result is better focus and more productivity. Though some employers have suggested these programs would waste time, it seems worth the tradeoff. A little time spent organizing a league can lead to happier and more productive employees for the rest of the year.


Boosting Your Social Life

Fantasy sports are a social experience by their very nature. Players compete against and root with people who have shared interests. This creates a perfect setup in which to make new friends. From chatting online to meeting up to watch games, shared passion means shared experiences. Friends made through fantasy sports are also less inclined to let distance get in the way. As much of the game happens online, there is no reason to lose contact because of a move.

As the fantasy sports fan base broadens, many people find it to be a great bonding experience. The game is breaking the idea that only heterosexual 20-something males play. Many find it fun to make date nights out of picking players and weekends into game time outings. A little competition and a lot of fun make for a genuine social experience.

The Advantage to Keeping Money Out of the Equation

Though many fans of fantasy sports play in hopes of making some money, it is not for everyone. Once real cash comes into the equation, it hampers some of the game’s benefits. Of course, nobody wants his or her children using money in a classroom. The camaraderie at work may start to break down when money is owed, and your new boyfriend may not be so excited that he lost a few hundred dollars on a game you brought him to.

Why Low-Risk Fantasy Sports with Bantasy Are Good for You

Playing with money can come with baggage. Bantasy is a great platform for fantasy sports players who want to avoid this but gain the benefits of the game. The stats, tactics, strategies, and social components all remain intact with this app. However, the entire experience is free.

Fantasy sports are more than just games. Enjoy all the social, intellectual, and work-related benefits – and have fun doing so.

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